my life…….i won the war, time to live

i woke today at what has became my usual 5:30am. i got my kids up at around 6:30ish. we had breakfast, and left for school at 8am. fantastic. when i think about how 5 months ago i couldn’t enter devon and cornwall, then i couldn’t go within 500meters of my kids or their respective schools. it has been a hard slog, but it was completely worth it. a battle well won.

now i have to sort out all the things that go with being a single parent. state help, housing, etc. the housing is my most important issue at the moment. currently we live in a fantastic flat, overlooking the town, harbour and bay. unfortunatly, it is only available to rent until 17th may 2010. the rent is high at the moment, but come the summer it will be astronomical. well out of my price range. i must find an alternative and fast. in my search for new accomodation, a issue has reared it’s head that i can’t see an answer for. i went to a local letting agent, David Ball, in newquay town. they were friendly and advised me to take their letting list and have a look through, mark any property’s that i wanted to veiw and return when i had done this. they would then take me to view them. i took the list and was quite optomistic. until i looked at the list, that is. every property that was over 1 bedroom, was “employed persons only”. i have been told that “single parent” is not classed as a career. so no matter that i can afford a place, no matter that i have great refferences. i am stopped before i even start. i will obviously try every letting agent and local newspaper. it begs the question- what do i do if i cant find anywhere? i have 2 children- what do i do? one thing i am going to do is book an appointment with the citizeans advice bureaux.

i must admit that since my kids have come to live with me, i have been neglecting painting my figures. i have to finish the celts a brought. i havent even started the romans. i did order another set of each from renegade minitures, but i have yet to recieve them. the post here in newquay has always been quite slow, so i’ll wait a bit longer before calling them. i did manage to make a stone circle for the celts. i took some corrigated cardboard, and glued two pieces on top of each other, opposite grains, to make a base. i then cut 4 thin strips of card to glue around the edge. i then spread filler all over this . then i stood the stone’s(slate style) i picked up off the floor whilst in truro recently, in the filler. a couple had to have a little support as they dried. when dry, i gave the whole base area a couple of coats of earth coloured thin, thin wash. when this had dried i put pva glue around the bases of the stones and applied the static grass. i used quite a large type of grass. the i used the same meathod to apply dark grains, to different areas on the base. same again with dark green grains. then i mixed static grass and light grey grains and applied. finally i filled the rest of the space with static grass. this whole meathod of applying the base grains and grass gave a heath appearance. i will take photo’s when i have finished the rest of the celts. watch this space…..


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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