my life…, money, money?

i have had my money cut by £50 a week. me and the kids now get £200 a fortnight to live off from the government. i bet my grandparents never thought that the day would come in great britian where newspapers, catching the bus and sweets for the kids would be classed as luxuary’s. well that day is here. i can’t believe that catching a bus is that expensive that it’s a luxuary. it cost’s me £4 to get my son to and from school on the bus, and that’s if i walk back. at the moment my daughter isn’t old enough to have to pay, luckily. add to this his dinner money and you are talking £6 a day for my son to attend school. what was it the government claim, free education for all? not in my life.

i just can’t afford newspapers and sweets are a once a week bonus for the kids. i did go and ask about a bus pass at the local bus station- the lady said that for my four stop journey, the minimum bus pass they do is £108 for three months. convienent. i feel that this is a ploy to stop people buying the pass so they have to pay the daily fares.

on a slightly different note, i still havent recieved the proper typed version of the court order stating that me kids live with me. i need this to give to the different government agency’s in order to get the finantial help i am entitled to. although i have all these money troubles, i cant say that i aint happy. i have found that i enjoy struggling and making do. it makes me feel alive. surviving and raising my kids on next to nothing, the three of us still having a great time even though we cant afford the most expensive toys and all that jazz. i managed to get a xbox together for us, and i have my figures and warhammer 40k. plenty to fill my life. in fact there arnt enough hours in the day for us to do all the things we want to do.

i am as happy as larry……..


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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