my life….computer access, at last!

since my kids came to live with me, at my flat in newquay, a number of things mean i have not been able to keep my beloved blog upto date. first off: i dont own a pc or laptop. i do get an hours free internet access at my local library everyday, but a hour fly’s by when you’ve got to check emails etc. second is time itself: there just arnt enough hours in the day. i take my kids to school and nursery, and by the time i have done my chores and everything else, it’s time to fetch them back again. of course after everything i have been through, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

at the moment it is the two weeks easter holidays, so i have come back to birmingham (uk) to visit relatives. i allowed my ex, “the wicked liar”, to have the first part of the holiday: (she isn’t allowed to have my kids un supervised for more than 7 days at a time) as long as she took them to stay with her parents, who also live in birmingham. the holiday split 50- 50 means we get 9 days each. so i reasond that if she was at her parents, she would be supervised by them for the last 2 days of her part of the holiday. all this meant that i would fetch my kids from her mothers home on saturday at 5pm.

i caught the train from Newquay, cornwall at 6am. there was two train changes, one at par and the other at taunton. i must say that compared to the coach, the train might be more expensive but it’s a much nicer journey. i arrived in birmingham at 1pm. i called my mom and met her. i then spent the rest of the night sleeping and watching manga. i watched guyver.

saturday  arrived and we spent the day preparing for the kids. at 5pm me mom and myself went to collect them from the “wicked liars” mother and fathers house. the kids came running out, and “the wicked liar” said “dont i get a kiss goodbye?” i smiled inside. them her a*sehole father came out. because he has a few quid he thinks that means you have to speak to him. this guy has been harrassing me for a month with text messages and telephone calls. i dont know how long you have to ignore someone before they get the message. “who won the national?” (grand national horse race- biggest horse race of the year in uk) he asked smiling. i didn’t answer. i wanted to say ” a horse called ‘aint you dead yet you old get’“. but i resisted the temptation. i just blanked him. then he said it again, obviously because he cant quite comprehend that i dont have to acknowledge him. he must have forgotten the 12 months of pure hell that he and his low family put me and my kids through. i never will. i did have to laugh at one point. “the wicked liar” said – ” i have put another pair of shoes in the bag, being as you wrecked the last ones i brought her.” to which i replied ” i shouldn’t have wore them so much, soz” hahaha. too be honest i dont know what shoes she means, but her dad was in ear shot, so you never know what new lie she has invented to fleece him of money.

anyway, we have a full week planned for my kids and i have brought some figures with me to paint when i get a free hour or two. i brought my 1st centuary romans, celts and some 40k orc grots i havent finished. i have access to me mom pc, scanner, etc. so i will be taking lots of pics and updating my blog every night. brilliant!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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