my life….my birthday

37 years old. and what a year. i have noticed the difference in not having a computer handy. i havnt kept my blog upto date and i must have a hundred photo’s to upload. the funny thing is i love blogging, etc., but there is a difference in doing it in the privacy of your own home, to the public library.

the government have acknowledged that i am a fully fledged single parent. i am happier now than i have been for 10 years or more. i have my home back, my kids back. everything is great, (spit three times)!

tonight my dad has came down to cornwall to spend a couple of days with me. we have have been to “new garden cantonese resteraunt”. the meal was fantastic. it is in a place called Indian Queens. very reasonably priced.

it is run to the sun at trevelge holiday park this weekend. it falls on my birthday every year, and i keep threatening to go, but never do. one thing i am going to do is get a family birthday present for me and my kids. we are all going to get wet suits, with all the trimings.

gotta go as this is my friends machine, and while i do this i aint talking to them. see ya!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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