it’s been a long time…..

since my last post, not having access to a machine of your own makes a big difference to the amount of updating you can do.

recently I bought a new mobile phone. my old one was getting clogged up with texts from me ex-wife (” the wicked liar”), and I have to keep them for court, just in case. this means that anybody else texts me, there is never enough room. so I got a new fone. I got a ‘vegus’ from Argos, cos it was advertised as appropriate for all the modern things you might want to do with a mobile i.e. facebook, windows live, Ebay, etc. I also wanted it for music. I used to own a sony Walkman phone and i downloaded a tidy amount of tracks. just my luck – I brought the fone – its naff. it takes an age to connect to the internet and trying to download music is a non starter. it cost me a tenner in credit before i realised that it doesn’t come with a chip for free – ffs! I thought that the fone would be my ticket to uploading photo’s to me blogs not till i fork out for the chip. (yawn)

my battle with the wicked liar continues, but now it is I who is on the big foot! he who laffs last. it turns out that my son was in a shocking state of worry about not seeing me. the lack of care at the hands of “the wicked liar” is shocking in the extreme. her latest nuisance causing scheme is…. she wants to take the kids to her new boyfriends flat ‘for a holiday’ in some backwater spanish resort. there is no extradition treaty between spain and England that’s why all the british crooks live there. so it looks like its back to court.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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