my life….summer holidays

the summer school holidays are here, which means that a 50- 50 split of me kids time (between me and “the Wicked Liar”). me kids get six weeks off school and i have managed to arrange a week by week divide with me ex wife. due to her neglect of me children she isn’t allowed to have them for more than 7 days unsupervised, so a 3week block each was out of the question. she has been threatening to take me kids to Spain on “holiday”, but as there’s no extradition treaty with spain, plus here current boyfriends family living there for six months a year ( they own a flat in Almera), i have had to oppose this. she would not bring them back to Britian, in my opinion. in spain she is not subject to the courts ruling, she is not ‘known’ by the authorities- its a perfect solution for her.

to fill my time whilst the children are at hers, i have got a load of republican romans (hastati)  an celts/ britons to paint. i have almost finished me chaos ‘word bearers’  warband- the similarities between these zealot followers of chaos and the dark angels appeals to me.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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