my life….stealing sticks, benefit sexism and cinema!

I have got my mother and her chap at mine at the moment, helping to redecorate my hallway. with my children visiting their ‘mother’, “the Wicked Liar”, it gives me time to work on my scenery projects for Warhammer 40k and try to tie up any loose ends regarding money, etc.

so I left to go into Newquay town at around 1pm. I made sure that I pinched as many wooden coffee stirrers as possible for my latest scenery project! I felt a proper thief!

 one thing that has become an absolute nightmare is child benefit. in the uk anybody with children younger than 16 yrs of age is entitled to claim this benefit. I have tried to keep a record of my struggles with my children from day 1 of my new, single life here on WordPress. to quote Zegapain- “my life, never to be erased.”

so it started way back in July 2009- with my arrest. needless to say, I was never formally charged and I believed my marriage to be a life long commitment until I was informed that the person who had made these disgraceful lies up about me was my then wife! the police and C.P.S. decided that No Further Action on their part was necessary, but this decision wasn’t made till months later. The aftermath of her allegations was that I was homeless, with no contact at all with my children. it was devastating. up until this had all kicked off, I was the main carer for my children. it was like a bolt out of the blue, sent to destroy me.

all I could do was fight back through the British Courts. which I did and now…. I have my home and my children back. due to the decision agreed on the 9th Feb 2009, I was a single parent, with primary care of my children. this meant that I was entitled to child benefit. I duly put in my claim. I was told that a decision would be made and the process would take around 12 weeks. today I called the child benefit team again to find out what was going on, in what should have been an open and shut case. no decision has been made as yet. I said that maybe, if I had been female, this claim would have been settled long ago. i was assured that this is not the case. I am still going to get legal advise. believe it or not a Father can raise his children.

as I was walking to this internet cafe, i noticed that where an old pub had once been in Newquay, now the metal frame of a massive building is being erected. I asked one of the workmen “is this going to be the cinema?” he said “yes – 4 screen.”

how long has newquay needed a cinema……. this will save a me lot a bus fare!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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One Response to my life….stealing sticks, benefit sexism and cinema!

  1. polzygirl says:

    I agree about the cinema – although the vic bars was a good pub!

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