guess what?? go on guess?

I GOTTA PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

yeah, it’s true and guess how much i paid for it? go on guess – thats right, NADA, nowt, nunk, zero, zilch, nil, buckshe. in other words free. a friend o me dad’s who lives local has purchased a laptop. she knew i was desparate to get a pc, so offered me her desktop. i would have been mad not to accept. alright, it uses xp, but hey, i can surf and blog and me kids can use it, so i ain’t gunna be a o/s snob. i have even set me sound system upto it! hahaha. my nieghbours will end up with a phd in reggae. no more trips into town to use the library machines or paying at the internet cafe. i can surf and blog at my liesure.

now that i have a pc, i have been able to check my email, as you do, and when logging onto windows live, i see that the ‘spaces’ part is being dropped! actually they have decided to merge? it with wordpress. that’s great, but i did like ‘spaces’. i found it very simple to use. it was a great way to kept a ‘diary’. my thoughts, never to be forgotten. you can upgrade your ‘spaces’ blog to wordpress, but you lose all the lists and gadgets. and what if you already have a wordpress blog with the same name?

me kids have started their school hols. just as we seem to settle down, problems rear their ugly heads. my son is being bullied by his older half brother. this guy is 17 and should know better. i am of course caught between a rock and a hard place- if i approah him to have a ‘word’ in his shell, me ex (The Wicked Liar) will no doubt get the old bill involved. so what, you might ask. well the issue lies in that who will look after me kids if i get locked up? they would have to go into care. my parents are too old to look after them, by law (over 60), and The Wicked Liar couldn’t look after them. so i have been onto me solicitor who said she would send The Wicked Liar a letter asking her to sort it out. in light of this though i have decided that the only solution is if i go for the Friday, and every other Saturday and Sunday. i think that it best for my son, and i shall limit this action to him, if me brief thinks that it can be done that way. my daughter doesnt seem to be getting the same problems at her ‘mothers’. an example of what my son is going through would be his half brother saying that whilst he was back  home, here with me, he would smash all his toys. the poor lad had to admitted to treliske hospital last thursday night after having a croup cough attack. i have been told that stress can be a factor in setting a croup attack off.

whilst it is half term holidays, i plan on going to birmingham for a couple of days. i shall travel whilst me kids are with their ‘mother’. this means i can go out with me old pals, for once. it has been so long since i went out. i have lived in cornwall for over ten years and have only ever been out without the kids once. sad, i know. considering i used to be raving every weekend, without fail, before i got married. universe, tribal gathering, dance planet, spectrum, quest, pure-x,  i went to all them do’s. i’ll never forget going to my first proper rave back in ’89 at the hummingbird nightclub in birmingham. i have shown my collection of ‘back in the day’ flyers and ticket stubs to me kids, but they dont seem to get it! hahahaha

i have also been able to purchase a digital camera. it is second hand, so no leads, but i will buy them when in birmingham. i’ll be able to upload pictures again. yippee.

as a side note, it is now autumn here in the u.k. but you wouldn’t guess it from the great weather we having. i mean somedays it’s been t shirt weather. gggrreeeaatt. just like my life.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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