i bid…and long, long journey

since installing my new computer at home, i ‘ve been spending most of my time checking out all the sound clashes i’ve missed whilst being married. my favorite sounds have got to be Luv Injection, Mighty Crown and, of course, Rodegan Sound. i have loved reggae music in all its forms from i was a little kid. King Tubby, the Specials, lovers rock. i loved it all! i have even been inspired to bid on a Peavy Rackman Univerb II reverb unit on ebay. i must admit to feeling a bit upset with myself for not following my love of reggae to a more positive path when i had the chance years ago. i’ve had records, amps, speakers, the lot when i was younger, but i let myself be pulled into drink. what can i say, i was a teenager. i aint saying that i had a massive system, but i did have the means to start putting on little dance’s. watch this space….

what a long journey it is by coach from cornwall to birmingham. 7 and a half hours. even the driver was a nightmare- “passengers keep mobile phone calls to a minimum- it’s annoying. and dont use the toilet too much, cause this coach is in service for two days!” eeewww. i said “empty it then”. some of the other passengers were arguing over who sat where. at the begining of the journey the coach was silent, with maybe 10 passengers on board. the co driver then got up from his seat and approached a passenger sitting quietly and said “will you turn that walkman down- it’s annoying me”. cheek!  i didn’t even know the passenger was using a walkman ( actually it was an ipod). after all that i made sure of two things- a) i turned my ringtone up to full volume, and b) i made and recieved lots of calls (i can be a right child sometimes).

well it’s quite late now and i gotta collect me kids tomorrow from “the Wicked Liar”, so i shall make a larger post when i wake tomorrow morning….c ya!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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