RIP Gregory Isaacs

 after the long journey I had yesterday, it didn’t occur to me to listen to the news or read a newspaper. I had the intention of doing the usual post I do, i.e. my daily life. as I checked my Facebook posts, there was one from a friend which read “rip Gregory Isaacs”. I could scarcely believe it. I went to check on the bbc and it was true.

when you think of Gregory Isaacs and his music, every tune he made was MASSIVE. each song he wrote was genius in its own right. he wrote in a way that had meaning to everybody who ever listened to a track. songs for the common man, that reflected normal life, that reflected every mans struggles in this world. food on the table, paying the bills, living with heartbreak, living with love. my 7yr old son has a favorite Gregory song – Mr. Cop.but thats not all. people who know reggae will appreciate HOW MANY TUNE come from his rhythms. tune after tune, version after version, all on Gregory Isaacs rhythms. no sound COULD EVER clash or play with out playing a Gregory rhythm. it is impossible.

he was known throughout the world as the ‘Kool Ruler’. which is exactly what he is. a man who inspired people  in every country in the world. big in the UK, big in JA, big in USA, big in JAPAN, big in AFRICA, BIG ALL OVER. reggae  icon. Dancehall, lovers, upbeat, modern, he made dubplate for every style. I remember hearing his songs for the 1st time in the 70’s, and i listen to them ever since.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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