Star City and Fort Dunlop with me kids.

me and the children had decided that we would like to visit Star City and Fort Dunlop Shopping Centre while we are in Birmingham, during the half term break. My Mother had said that she would come with us and she took us in her car. I have been to Fort Dunlop before, while i was living with my parents after my recent divorce, but i had never been to Star City. The two places are more or less next door to each other.

We arrived at around 11:30am and visited HMV first. The centre isn’t an indoor centre, rather a collection of large- ish shops that all open out onto a large open air car park. both me and mom brought a cd each from HMV. i got the ‘clearence riddim’ by the Riddim Driven lable. i must say it isnt my favorite in the series, but varity, they say, is the spice of life. i will be doing most of my music shopping on line in the future, because where we live is quite rural and there isnt a cd store for miles, let alone one that caters for reggae. also i must admit to being very surprised at the differance in price between the internet and stores. it looks like i will save quite a bit of money shopping online for cds, mp3’s and sound system equipment (the dreamer dreams!). Whilst i have been in Birmingham i have so far brought 2 Riddim Driven cd’s. The other big choice for me has got to be the Greensleeves label.

 The HMV store has a number of Playstation 3’s set up for customers to try out and me and my son had a go at the new big football game. i chose AC Milan while he was Manchester United. the graphics were great and the gameplay was ok, but we found that the constant replays slowed the actual playing of the game down too much and we constantly found ourselves saying “come on!” out loud and pressing any button on the controller to try to stop the replay. Unfortunatly we couldn’t and it became that annoying it actually put us off playing the game altogether!

After we had payed for our purchases, we went on to WHSmith (like a supersize newsagents). my son got ‘nana’ to buy him a new Lego Atlantis toy and a dinosaur book that was a great bargain at 2.99GBP. my daughter decided on Barbie. she dosent usually go for the Barbie type of doll, preferring the baby dolls. Also Barbie is usually quite expensive, so being as it was in the sale at 5 pounds, i thought it a good buy. i had gone in with the intention of getting a lead for an ipod i got cheap a few weeks ago. they stock ipod accessories, but not leads. i need a charger and a lead to connect the ipod to my pc at home.

After we left WHSmiths we decided it was time to go to Star City. How to describe Star City? it’s not a shopping centre, but it does have shops. after parking, there is a short pedestrian walkway that leads to the main complex. there are numerous resteraunts either side of the walkway, from curry houses to Caijan. this leads you to a large glass doorway that opens into a large circular courtyard which boasts a cinema, a gym, a bowling alley, shops and cafes. it even has room for a couple of fairground rides for very young children, yet it is not overcrowded. my daughter had a go on the small train ride, whilst my son decided on the bungle bouncer. after this we decided to go bowling.

the bowling alley is massive inside. it has its own resteraunt aswell as an amusment arcade. we got in the queue for the bowling. this was quite a wait for us, but i noticed that some people had prebooked, via phone or internet, which gave them the advantage of not having to wait in the queue. i must say it was worth the wait. me and my kids had a great time bowling and although there was a lot of people, i felt this added to the whole experiance.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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