snow in St. Columb Minor and my recent activities

recently i seem to have suffered from a bit of ‘bloggers block’. it’s not that i havent had anything to write that i think worthy, it seems to be more a lack of expression. finding the right words to convey your message isnt as easy as it seems. it isnt the same as just talking- anybody can waffle on about any old gaff for hours if they want. my blog is about me, my life, my hobbies, interests and my family, so you would think that the way i write about these subjects is relatively easy- a simple list of feelings and activities. the trouble is that this lack of expression has also leaked into my life in general. i have found it almost impossible to paint my figures. there is one thing that i have been able to do, and it is a little strange- i have gained the urge to paint a Yantra. i dont know why, but i must.

  kali yantra.

maybe this will be the catalyst to me regaining my will to paint the figures i love so much.

i have been taking lots of photo’s lately as well. i will take photos of my children, surroundings and the people i interact with. as i sit here now and think about my writers block it has occurred to me that it is no good trying to recall an event three weeks ago and the write about it. you have to write about what happened today or yesterday, at the very least. while it’s still fresh in your mind. i must make time. i have taken loads of photo’s specifically for adding into my blog, but have put it off. whilst i still have the photo’s and the memory of what happened that day, to put them all in would mean writing about 30 posts about events that happened weeks ago. the nature of my blog and my writing style does not lend itself to that way of doing things.

 i must make the time!

anyway, it’s been snowing here in St. Columb Minor, Cornwall, UK.  the kids have been playing in it. it is actually quite rare to get snow here, due to the sea air.


it has melted slightly out the front, but there is still quite a lot in the back garden:

so that’s all till next time……


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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