poetry from the mind of ‘Fu’

way back in october 2009 i wrote this poem. i was going through hell at the time- not able to see my children because of the terrible lies of another. originally i had published a ‘page’ that i had hoped would contain all my poems, from different posts. as time has progressed, i have been able to learn a little more about how wordpress works and to adjust my weblog accordingly. now i have the link ‘poems from the mind of the fu’ at the top of the page and all my posts with that particular tag/ catergory are all in one place. the last thing that needed to be done to bring it all upto date and together was the page to be deleted and this poem to be added to a new post.

so here it is:


My heart is broken,
not by a fall,
but by people,
who have no care at all.

They torture and hurt me,
but not physically,
it’s all in my heart,
with knives you can’t see.

It’s not cash or gold,
the price of my pain,
but little children’s feelings,
washed down the drain.

I can’t play their game,
of evil dispute,
so for now,
my heart is destitute.


About daddyfumanchu

update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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