my life – MERRY CHRISTMAS ! and positive movements!

well its nearly here again, and i am looking forward to giving me kids a great christmas! they’ve broke up for their school hols and it was quite a busy last week for us all at school. they’ve had to take part in their respective school plays- me daughters was based on the theme of children around the world, me son’s was a traditional 9 lessons and carols service with the included theme of the christingle. both services wre held at the school hall. it was a ticket only entry, with one ticket per parent. “the Wicked Liar” made a big deal of sending a solicitors letter to the school and my solicitor, stating the fact that she is allowed to attend the childrens plays- whilst me children are technically in my care. the headmistress called me to let me know about the letter and to ask what my response would be. i told her that i had no objection to “the Wicked Liar” attending the plays – as long as she understood that she wasnt going to be taking me kids anywhere after the performances. after all this rigmeroll she didnt turn up to either performance! typical.

i would have liked to include a few photo’s of me kids nativity plays- but i signed a contract with the school stating that i wouldn’t publish the pictures on any web sites. so instend i have a few christmassy pics for you to enjoy:

on the way to me son’s christmas play’s evening  performance, me and me daughter heard some christmas pop songs playing in the distance. “i wonder who that is?” i asked me daughter. “is it father christmas?” she replied. we stood for a few moments listening as the music got slowly nearer. “come on” i said, and we walked round the corner. would you believe it- it was! there was father christmas, sleigh being pulled by a land rover. he called me daughter over and gave her a lolly. she was really happy- but me son wasnt with us- he was at school.

we met me son after the performance and we told him about father christmas. i told him that we would all go and look for him. so we walked around the estate i little bit, then we heard it- the tacky christmas pop songs! me son was over the moon- father christmas even stopped outside me yard!



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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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