my life…..positive movements!

since i started my blog a lot has changed in my life. everyday, since being reunited with my children, i am thinking about different ways to improve my little families life. going to the beach, having BBQ’s, my children enrolling in after school activities, and other similar and seemingly simple activities add to and improve our lives. a good example would be my son’s recent achievement in his Karate- Do class : he gained his yellow belt! a great boost for his confidence, which is what we all need after the terrible time we had. i can honestly say that when my children and i are together, i am happier than i have been for a very long time. i have surprised myself with how great being a single parent is. the chores, the special moments we share, all add up to giving my life meaning.

yellow belt!

yellow belt!

as well as this blog, i also have a YouTube ‘channel’. the link is below. it is really going to be a conduit for getting my musical and media creativity ‘out- there’. i really enjoy using Windows Movie Maker and think that it a fantastic piece of software, especially since it’s free. I have been taking a lot of pictures since I started blogging, etc., and love the way an individual can access the world and show their pictures and share their thoughts relatively easily. we are connected. an individual linked to the entire world. people having access to the thoughts and dreams of others. creativity for its own sake. “I don’t care if anybody reads my blog, because I know that if they want to, they can.”


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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