my life….still moving forward!

well, so begins the new school year in England.

there is a saying, I think it goes like this: “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

The last few weeks of the school hols have been great for me and me kids, what a great time we’ve had, when we’ve been together. of course, “the wicked liar” just couldn’t help herself and made sure she engineered a non issue to try to have some sort of effect on my life. now, I could spend the rest of this post trying to psycho-analyse the why’s and wherefore’s of her motives and behaviour, but the conclusion would only be stating the obvious. you can’t reason with the irrational. I will write a short (ish) paragraph of the events that were the “non- issue”.

last week, during my time with me kids, 2 days before they went to visit “the wicked liar” for a week, I started receiving texts from her complaining that she felt that she had been ‘done’ out of two days due to me manipulating the arrangements. I then had to text a reply back pointing out that she was mistaken. unfortunately, she is one of those people who feel that they are never wrong and don’t like being proved wrong. she was, in fact, getting half a day less than me due to me kids going back to school on a Tuesday. if they had gone back on a Wednesday she would have got half a day more than me, but they didn’t. she then sent a text demanding that she collect me kids at 10am a day earlier than we had agreed. I refused this demand, but offered a compromise – she could collect them on the evening at 7pm, the day before she was due to collect them. she refused this offer (all of this 2ing and fro-ing was done via text) and threatened me with the police. I knew it was an empty threat, because of the times when I legitimately asked the ‘old bill’ (means “police” in english slang) to retrieve me kids from her in the past and they had told me they didn’t get involved in civil disputes.  so I didn’t reply. she then texted me again saying that she was going to take me back to court as I was breaking the court order by not giving into her demands. 😀   (she had obviously forgotten that it was i who had taken her to court, not the other way round.) so I offered another compromise -she could collect them at 6pm. she replied it must be 2pm. I said 5pm and that it was my last offer. so to facilitate a solution she …..rejected the offer. she wanted to collect me kids at 4pm. I mean this was getting infantile. I didn’t reply. I was then barraged with insulting and demanding text for about 2 hours. then she said that she would “speak to her solicitor” and would accept the compromise, if the solicitor said that it was ok!?! I mean ….how do you negotiate with such a person as this? I bet you can guess what the outcome of this all was- well I will tell you. after i had informed me kids about the more than likely change of plan (to which i got “ooowwww!”) she finally texted me stating that she couldn’t possibly collect me kids at 5pm. she was going to refuse the compromise and collect me kids on the day originally arranged at 9:30 am, half an hour before the time we had already agreed to weeks before. now you see what i am dealing with here. i just texted back “ok”.  but that wasn’t the end of this ridiculous affair. after she had collected me kids, I then got a text message saying that she was told by the solicitor to make up the time she felt that she was due (which she wasn’t) at the end of her week. true to form, half an hour before me kids were due home, I got a text off “the wicked liar” saying she wasnt bringing me kids home and that she was taking them to school on their first day back.

there is an old saying “daddy fu is like a sleeping lion, be careful when he awakes.”

and finally…..

I have had a call from the local college about the courses I expressed an interest in and i have filled in the application form and i am sending it off tomorrow. the areas of study i am interested in are art, music and business. I am really looking forward to showing me kids that no matter what obstacles are put in your path, if you set your mind to doing something and you earnestly pursue that goal, you can achieve it. i have also been spending time setting up a local community group. it is still in the planning stages, but it will happen and to the benefit of the whole community.

when i walk around the cliffs, looking out to sea, looking at the beaches, taking photos and watching the surfers, it just gives me so much inspiration. whether the sea is rough or calm, the feeling i get inside is always the same- my problems are no longer as big as they seem. the natural beauty of the waves and the power of the sea makes me feel a little bit better every time.

i am reminded of a lyric in the excellent “Sizzla” track- “so solid as a rock”- it goes like this- “they can’t keep a good man down,

always keep a smile when they want me to frown!”


during that last week of the hols, me ma came to visit and we all had a fantastic time…especially me kids. we visited various Penzance,

cafe at penzance

cafe at Penzance

inside cafe

inside cafelook what i got!yay!

look what i got!

look what i got!

and we went to Porth Beach a few times, we had a great meal at the Mermaid Pub, which is right on the beach itself. i had THE BEST BBQ RIBS EVER- i’m not exaggerating, in fact i am gunna say it again, I HAD THE BEST BBQ RIBS EVER…..IN MY LIFE……..E.V.E.R….i even took a photo of them, i was that impressed!:

and again:

it wasnt just the size, or the fantastic way they were cooked, they tasted EXCELLENT also, but the whole dish was great. loads of chips (fries), onion rings, the works.
We also went to the resteraunt/ pub at Porth Joke. it is a big pink building, so you can’t miss it. it has great views of Crantock bay. all these places are viewable on Google Earth, so check them out. anyway, we all had a great meal there, me and me son played a game of pool together. it was great. whilst there a band set up in the bar, next to the resteraunt. they were a band with an open mic/ instruments section. it was like one big jamming session. a fantastic concept, well worth checkin out.
really finally……..,
talking of Google Earth, there are lots of photo’s added to the map and i’ve got some of mine added! i am chuffed about this because 1 would be good, but i’ve had a few added for the whole world to see if they want. fantastic. you can check out me photo’s on panoramio for yourself if you like, just search out daddyfumanchu. have fun, ok! :waves:

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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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