my life….various projects- what next?

so at the moment I have three ongoing projects, all three have validity (in my opinion), but all three need to be taken forward that next step. I have to get ready to take the projects to the public/ local community. I also have to get the college issue sorted once and for all. I will address my thoughts on the latter first.

when I was younger, I didn’t take well to secondary school. I don’t know why particularly, it was just one of those things. there was, of course, an end result to my non participation- a lack of formal qualifications that reflect my intellect. so now I have projects that could and invariably will better mine and my children’s lives, I don’t have the qualifications to back up my ideas. I have the knowledge, the drive, the ambition and the skills – but nothing on paper to say “it true, he can do this!”

now about the projects proper:

MMOrg. – the next step for this is to start playing to the public. sounds easy and it should be easy, the basic act of taking my love of Reggae, Jungle and everything in-between to the local community, showing them the how’s, etc. and spreading these musical styles, inspiring others to get involved, raising monies for charity and community projects, etc. “no problem” you say, “set up the sound, lets start  playing music”- but what about licensing? what about health and safety rules? it seems that just as you find out about and comply with one regulation, another, just as dubious regulation is there to thwart your efforts. I think getting others on-board might be an answer to help spread the issue of dealing with red-tape.



NCAN – this project is the one where college is most relevant. I think I have a great idea here, but I can’t ask others to get involved if I havent got at least one relevant qualification. I am in the process of setting up a meeting with a rep from the college, but I have got to pick a day when I havent got my children with me, for obvious reasons.

NCAN logo

NCAN logo

SCYGOC – I have got the website up and in the developement stage. I am really looking forward to doing this project, because my son will be so involved in it, learning so much about organising at such a young age. he is also very enthusiastic about the project. we know what the next step is- venue and advertising.

there is another issue that affects all three projects- funding. I have 2 children, so their needs come before all others. funding should be a simple matter, but again there is a whole mountain of issues that could affect our basic day-to-day lives. am I ready to take that leap? I think I can do more to ensure that it’s less of a leap and more of a natural step forward.

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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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