my life…another step forward (for free) :D

well at last i have managed to complete my first track for MMOrg- called UKBASS. i have uploaded it to my YouTube site, so i will wait and see what people think. to be honest, i made it for myself, to prove to myself and my kids that creativity like this is within anybody’s reach.

 i used Hydrogen drum machine and wavepad- both free to download- to create the track. hydrogen is a fantastic piece of creative software that i can’t recommend enough. it is very versatile, in my opinion, and as long as your willing to put a little effort in there isn’t much you cant do with it musically. it does have certain issues to do with special fx, but every time i hit a ‘stumper’, it only took a few minutes to find a way round the problem.

Wavepad is also fantastic. like Hydrogen, its free and an added bonus is that when you download the software, you get a massive music creating suite that covers every thing from file conversion (essential for hydrogen), to an ‘unlimited’ track mixer, to streaming audio recorder, to disk burner, to virtual DJ console. whilst these extra features are initially free, they are subject to a 14 day trial period, which when the trial runs out, obviously, you have to pay to continue using the software- apart from Wavepad.

initially you get a few excellent drum kits included in the Hydrogen download. on top of these you can download extra, user-created, kits to the sound library. after i had downloaded these extra kits, i then realised that i could use Wavepad to get samples and then upload them onto Hydrogen using the new instrument feature. Hydrogen also comes with its own self updating mixer. but it versatility really shines out when you click on the ‘DRUM’ button. these changes the part where you add the beats to a musical scale. for example: lets say you record your voice in the key ‘A’. once you have added this sample to the ‘new instrument’ layer, you can add the sample as many times as you like in its original key of ‘A’. click on the ‘DRUM’ button and you can add the sample in any key, as many times as you like. you can also alter pitch using a more traditional looking knob.

hydrogen + mixer

hydrogen + mixer

the screenshot above was also created using free software- ScreenHunter 5. in the shot you can see the ‘snapshot’ area – the gray area with black dots is the individual beat/ sample placement area. the grey area with light blue squares above that is the drum/ sample pattern placement area. the bottom half of the screen is the mixer- i wont even guess how much a ‘real’ (as opposed to virtual) mixer with that many channels would cost, but suffice it to say it would be in the thousands of pounds rather than hundreds!

i have had Hydrogen on my PC now for at least 2yrs and i am still learning how to use some of its more advanced features, but in reality, ANYBODY, without any training can download this software and start creating beats.

so i suggest you do 😀

(click on my YouTube link to hear UKBASS)

Wavepad is from NCH and Hydrogen is available from ScreenHunter 5 is available from


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