next one done: UKBASS 2.0

so i have completed another track, due to be posted to YouTube today. feel free to check it out. also the video is of no importance- it’s just a collection of images put together so there wouldn’t be a blank screen whilst the track is playing. i used the same freeware as before, but this time i put the track back through Wavepad, in order to utilise the many effects available.

now i have also been researching selling tracks via iTunes. you’d think that being as it’s so easy to buy tracks, it would be just as easy to sell tracks. but, you’ve guessed it, a whole industry has sprung up around doing just that. a few of these services are free, so i will research it further and post my findings.

when i think about how difficult the government has made it to even play music publically these days, it would be easy to get downhearted. compared to just a few years ago, it is now regulated up the wizzwang. but i aint never let ‘them’ stop me doin anything before and i aint gonna let ‘them’ now.


lets take the rave scene for instance- would that have developed the way it did with a f**kin smokin ban in place? i think not and, believe me, music wouldn’t be what it is today without the whole rave movement. i don’t think people understand how free we were then compared to now. it’s a god damn shame and to be frank , it’s embarrassing. once a freedom is lost, it’s hard to get it back.

one of the worst issues about how free we were to how free we aren’t is that we’ve let people who don’t live in our reality regulate our lives. these people at the so-called “top” all went to the same school and universities – they have no comprehension of struggling to pay bills, or buying school uniform, or putting food on the table- they have lackies to do all that for them. when they talk about our lives they have no empathy and yet we allow them to regulate our lives. they would tax the air you breathe and they just might.

btw- just so “you” know- this is a for real .com. faker- hahahahahaha


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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