my life…politiks and double talk- the plan for our future

Unfortunately, it’s been quite a while since my last post. there are several reasons for my lack of blogging. Firstly, now that me and me children have been reunited, money is an issue and on the list of bills to pay, the phone bill is hardly top of the list. Secondly, time is a factor. if I have to go to town to do the shopping etc., I don’t always have the time to visit the internet cafe. When you have children to consider, being late to collect them from school because “I was updating my blog” is not  acceptable  ~ in fact late collection from school is a no-no, in my opinion, with young children.

Nevermind, I am updating my blog now and I have to say, I am enjoying it.

So much has been happening in my little family’s life since my last post. My son has started drumming lessons at school and my daughter has started violin lessons also. I have to pay for both lessons, which are only once a week, but it’s been money well spent. Both children have now performed in front of the whole school this year and I was absolutely amazed at how well both children performed. I know that every parent worth their salt would feel the same, but both children are under ten~ so pat that music teacher on the back. I will elaborate.

Both children have only had three short terms worth of lessons and my son played two different drum beats on a full kit, reading from traditional sheet music. I didn’t know this until my son showed me~ each drum in the set corresponds to a note on the musical scale, i.e. note A = snare drum, note B = tom-tom drum and so on. Quavers, semi-quavers, crotchets etc. are the same for drums as with other instruments. I was very impressed with his performance.

My daughter, who is only six, was absolutely over the moon when she found out her violin group was also going to do a performance on stage in front of the whole school, just as her brother had previously. The night before the performance, I assured her that, as she has only been learning the violin for a short time, no one was expecting her to perform miracles. I said “if you hold the bow and the violin correctly and play the notes you’ve learned, everybody will be pleased.” So the next day I went to watch the performance. I was lucky to get in as it wasn’t an ‘open’ show~ it was really just for the school. I was the only parent there. Anyway, the violin group were on the stage and the violin teacher introduced them to audience. There are six in the group, all girls, with my daughter and another girl from her class being the youngest. Then the teacher introduced the first piece and to my surprise all the children played flawlessly and they did so for next three pieces of music! My daughter showed no nerves even through the solo’s. To see them tapping their bows on the music stands as a sign of applause after their fellows solo was fantastic. I left the concert that day astounded. Well done St. Columb Academy violin group.

That’s not all my children have accomplished. They’ve both graded up in their shokotan karate group, Atlantic Karate. My son is now a brown belt and my daughter is now an orange belt. It’s quite impressive to hear them speak japanese words and numbers with understanding. the sensei at atlantic karate, sensei john, does a fantastic job teaching the children japanese numbers and phrases as well as the complicated kata’s. proficiency badges are also a part of the learning process, with the children performing a move a number of times and naming it in japanese in front of the rest of the group to gain each badge. my son has 17 badges and my daughter 14 badges, which are sown onto the arm of their “gi” (karate suit). atlantic karate has its own Facebook page.

I havent been idle when it comes to painting my figures either. I have completed a number of 28mm celts and romans, five more warhammer 40k chaos space marines and a dark angels vindicator tank, although I havent finished the basing process.

i have also been thinking more and more about starting my own business. I have three great ideas. real, viable ideas, but you guessed it …… funding is an issue. maybe twenty years ago you could have drawn up a business plan and pitched your idea to your bank manager to source funding, but not anymore. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in the U.K., at the moment, that route is a complete non starter. obviously, if you are a politician or lord so and so, or a relative of a politician or lord so and so, then these old, traditional routes are open to you.  to an individual like me, who is without influential connections, forget it. also there is the risk that after laying your cards on the table to the bank manager and getting your knock back, that the following week the bank managers son, uncle, whatever will be implementing your great plan to feather their nest= opportunity gone.

you see this is one of the reasons we need a complete rethink regarding where we are headed as a society. a new and dangerous title has reared its ugly head – “the political class” – am I the only one who sees what a dangerous thing this is for freedom? the ‘media’ has been touting this saying as if there’s nothing to worry about, but the reality of this title is that there is an elite group, reared and prepared to rule over us from day one. I am more and more disillusioned every day. I feel that only the very ignorant or those who prefer to bury their heads in the sand take news channels like the BBC at face value. I don’t see how the UK plc can compete in this so-called global race unless the middle and working classes in the UK  take a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) wages cut.

I have a horrible vision that is rapidly coming true:

where there is a two tier system of the extremely poor and the extremely rich, with the disgusting “political class” feathering their own nests, whilst the ‘media’ continues to confuse, befuddle and lie to the people. The people : all the time our education gets more and more poor and useless, leaving us more susseptable to shrug at the latest dumbed down offering from the BBC News Channel, our minds bombarded with the notion that to question the political class is anti social. to protest is likely to get you locked up, beaten up or killed by the police. if you have children and your arrested by the police, then the full force of the lackies and officious beaurocrats of the state will be swung into motion to destroy your family, with the result shown on the BBC News as a warning to others.

think about all things that were not a matter of legislation when you were a child. how many freedoms that you took for granted have you lost? (of course, this only applies to you as a member of ‘the people’= MP’s still have a lot of these freedoms. smoking in bars at the houses of parliament for instance. no standing outside for them. they still have that choice. oh and don’t worry about the elite, they’ve got diplomatic immunity. all clear now? cool.) can you think of a time a freedom was lost, but because it didn’t affect your life you didn’t defend the freedoms of your fellows?

I wonder what the founding fathers of the Labour movement would say to those who run the Labour party today and I don’t just mean Ed M. I mean the whole lot of ’em. do they even care?

 “tayters? what’s …tayters? Gollum”

  I personally believe our country, this tiny island, needs a new movement that puts freedom to act with your own good judgement (within normal reason) and a level playing field for everybody irrelevant of the accident of birth and surname. maybe levelled off with some sort of ultimate sanction such as exile. where politics and government is done similar to jury duty and not an F-ing career. where every person can be confident that they will be heard and ethics and reason prevail. where your life work is commended in itself and not the current wages war which the people are losing. where the privileged are ridiculed for making sneering remarks showing their lack of human understanding. a country where towie, Jeremy Kyle and worst of a bad bunch Made in Chelsea (please…..yawn) are not even allowed to assault our intelligence.

Listen and understand:   the media and the ‘political class’ has made the notion of Utopia a comical idea, to be ridiculed. what does this say about their regard for humanity and their philosophy? of their plans for us?

i have a little challenge for you, especially if you live inside UK plc. google “quisling 15 points constitution” and see how many are actually being implemented in UK plc or have been touted by the “political class”. then if you need to, look up who ‘quisling’ was. Nuff said.



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