Manchu Family Sound System – est. 2010




since the re-uniting of our little family, things are moving forward! we decided to form a sound system – a positive measure to show the world of our love of reggae music and it’s off shoots and to spread the message that “Reggae a de Best”! to this end we have started to set up the sound, aquiring equipment and music, forming web pages and practicing. the next step will be playing a dance. it is an on going project that we are very enthusiastic about!

these are pictures are of our very 1st attempt to play our tunes with a mic- pc linked to a 4track mixer, which we then linked to ‘any old’ amp. the speakers are loud, but not pretty!


i have decided to change the name of the ‘umbrella group’ from ‘Manchu Family Sound System’ to ‘MMO- Manchu Musical Org.’ the sound system will retain the original name, but as a part of MMO. i think the new ‘name’ shows the diverse nature of the project, as MMO has another meaning which is applicable to my vision.




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