gettin’ somewhere!

well it’s been a bit of time since my last post.


the sound system has gone from an ‘i’ to a ‘we’- and we are so close to recording tracks, it’s unbelievable. theres just one thing lacking at the ma and that is lead vocals. we are lookin for a female lead singer and a male/ female toaster/ mc.

Daddy Fu escapes capture again!

my kids are doin great- both of them recently won new belts at there shokotan karate class- me 7 son says he’s eager to fight a bout! the sensai said that at the moment he didn’t want the students comin to school sportin black eyes that they had won, but me son wasnt even fased! proud ain’t the word.

i still get the occasional grief from me ex- “the wicked liar”- but sour grapes dont taste nice- hahaha


Known Associate- Mik McMumbles

i can finally say that “we” are gettin somewhere!

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my life – MERRY CHRISTMAS ! and positive movements!

well its nearly here again, and i am looking forward to giving me kids a great christmas! they’ve broke up for their school hols and it was quite a busy last week for us all at school. they’ve had to take part in their respective school plays- me daughters was based on the theme of children around the world, me son’s was a traditional 9 lessons and carols service with the included theme of the christingle. both services wre held at the school hall. it was a ticket only entry, with one ticket per parent. “the Wicked Liar” made a big deal of sending a solicitors letter to the school and my solicitor, stating the fact that she is allowed to attend the childrens plays- whilst me children are technically in my care. the headmistress called me to let me know about the letter and to ask what my response would be. i told her that i had no objection to “the Wicked Liar” attending the plays – as long as she understood that she wasnt going to be taking me kids anywhere after the performances. after all this rigmeroll she didnt turn up to either performance! typical.

i would have liked to include a few photo’s of me kids nativity plays- but i signed a contract with the school stating that i wouldn’t publish the pictures on any web sites. so instend i have a few christmassy pics for you to enjoy:

on the way to me son’s christmas play’s evening  performance, me and me daughter heard some christmas pop songs playing in the distance. “i wonder who that is?” i asked me daughter. “is it father christmas?” she replied. we stood for a few moments listening as the music got slowly nearer. “come on” i said, and we walked round the corner. would you believe it- it was! there was father christmas, sleigh being pulled by a land rover. he called me daughter over and gave her a lolly. she was really happy- but me son wasnt with us- he was at school.

we met me son after the performance and we told him about father christmas. i told him that we would all go and look for him. so we walked around the estate i little bit, then we heard it- the tacky christmas pop songs! me son was over the moon- father christmas even stopped outside me yard!


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poetry from the mind of ‘Fu’

way back in october 2009 i wrote this poem. i was going through hell at the time- not able to see my children because of the terrible lies of another. originally i had published a ‘page’ that i had hoped would contain all my poems, from different posts. as time has progressed, i have been able to learn a little more about how wordpress works and to adjust my weblog accordingly. now i have the link ‘poems from the mind of the fu’ at the top of the page and all my posts with that particular tag/ catergory are all in one place. the last thing that needed to be done to bring it all upto date and together was the page to be deleted and this poem to be added to a new post.

so here it is:


My heart is broken,
not by a fall,
but by people,
who have no care at all.

They torture and hurt me,
but not physically,
it’s all in my heart,
with knives you can’t see.

It’s not cash or gold,
the price of my pain,
but little children’s feelings,
washed down the drain.

I can’t play their game,
of evil dispute,
so for now,
my heart is destitute.

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snow in St. Columb Minor and my recent activities

recently i seem to have suffered from a bit of ‘bloggers block’. it’s not that i havent had anything to write that i think worthy, it seems to be more a lack of expression. finding the right words to convey your message isnt as easy as it seems. it isnt the same as just talking- anybody can waffle on about any old gaff for hours if they want. my blog is about me, my life, my hobbies, interests and my family, so you would think that the way i write about these subjects is relatively easy- a simple list of feelings and activities. the trouble is that this lack of expression has also leaked into my life in general. i have found it almost impossible to paint my figures. there is one thing that i have been able to do, and it is a little strange- i have gained the urge to paint a Yantra. i dont know why, but i must.

  kali yantra.

maybe this will be the catalyst to me regaining my will to paint the figures i love so much.

i have been taking lots of photo’s lately as well. i will take photos of my children, surroundings and the people i interact with. as i sit here now and think about my writers block it has occurred to me that it is no good trying to recall an event three weeks ago and the write about it. you have to write about what happened today or yesterday, at the very least. while it’s still fresh in your mind. i must make time. i have taken loads of photo’s specifically for adding into my blog, but have put it off. whilst i still have the photo’s and the memory of what happened that day, to put them all in would mean writing about 30 posts about events that happened weeks ago. the nature of my blog and my writing style does not lend itself to that way of doing things.

 i must make the time!

anyway, it’s been snowing here in St. Columb Minor, Cornwall, UK.  the kids have been playing in it. it is actually quite rare to get snow here, due to the sea air.


it has melted slightly out the front, but there is still quite a lot in the back garden:

so that’s all till next time……

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Star City and Fort Dunlop with me kids.

me and the children had decided that we would like to visit Star City and Fort Dunlop Shopping Centre while we are in Birmingham, during the half term break. My Mother had said that she would come with us and she took us in her car. I have been to Fort Dunlop before, while i was living with my parents after my recent divorce, but i had never been to Star City. The two places are more or less next door to each other.

We arrived at around 11:30am and visited HMV first. The centre isn’t an indoor centre, rather a collection of large- ish shops that all open out onto a large open air car park. both me and mom brought a cd each from HMV. i got the ‘clearence riddim’ by the Riddim Driven lable. i must say it isnt my favorite in the series, but varity, they say, is the spice of life. i will be doing most of my music shopping on line in the future, because where we live is quite rural and there isnt a cd store for miles, let alone one that caters for reggae. also i must admit to being very surprised at the differance in price between the internet and stores. it looks like i will save quite a bit of money shopping online for cds, mp3’s and sound system equipment (the dreamer dreams!). Whilst i have been in Birmingham i have so far brought 2 Riddim Driven cd’s. The other big choice for me has got to be the Greensleeves label.

 The HMV store has a number of Playstation 3’s set up for customers to try out and me and my son had a go at the new big football game. i chose AC Milan while he was Manchester United. the graphics were great and the gameplay was ok, but we found that the constant replays slowed the actual playing of the game down too much and we constantly found ourselves saying “come on!” out loud and pressing any button on the controller to try to stop the replay. Unfortunatly we couldn’t and it became that annoying it actually put us off playing the game altogether!

After we had payed for our purchases, we went on to WHSmith (like a supersize newsagents). my son got ‘nana’ to buy him a new Lego Atlantis toy and a dinosaur book that was a great bargain at 2.99GBP. my daughter decided on Barbie. she dosent usually go for the Barbie type of doll, preferring the baby dolls. Also Barbie is usually quite expensive, so being as it was in the sale at 5 pounds, i thought it a good buy. i had gone in with the intention of getting a lead for an ipod i got cheap a few weeks ago. they stock ipod accessories, but not leads. i need a charger and a lead to connect the ipod to my pc at home.

After we left WHSmiths we decided it was time to go to Star City. How to describe Star City? it’s not a shopping centre, but it does have shops. after parking, there is a short pedestrian walkway that leads to the main complex. there are numerous resteraunts either side of the walkway, from curry houses to Caijan. this leads you to a large glass doorway that opens into a large circular courtyard which boasts a cinema, a gym, a bowling alley, shops and cafes. it even has room for a couple of fairground rides for very young children, yet it is not overcrowded. my daughter had a go on the small train ride, whilst my son decided on the bungle bouncer. after this we decided to go bowling.

the bowling alley is massive inside. it has its own resteraunt aswell as an amusment arcade. we got in the queue for the bowling. this was quite a wait for us, but i noticed that some people had prebooked, via phone or internet, which gave them the advantage of not having to wait in the queue. i must say it was worth the wait. me and my kids had a great time bowling and although there was a lot of people, i felt this added to the whole experiance.

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RIP Gregory Isaacs

 after the long journey I had yesterday, it didn’t occur to me to listen to the news or read a newspaper. I had the intention of doing the usual post I do, i.e. my daily life. as I checked my Facebook posts, there was one from a friend which read “rip Gregory Isaacs”. I could scarcely believe it. I went to check on the bbc and it was true.

when you think of Gregory Isaacs and his music, every tune he made was MASSIVE. each song he wrote was genius in its own right. he wrote in a way that had meaning to everybody who ever listened to a track. songs for the common man, that reflected normal life, that reflected every mans struggles in this world. food on the table, paying the bills, living with heartbreak, living with love. my 7yr old son has a favorite Gregory song – Mr. Cop.but thats not all. people who know reggae will appreciate HOW MANY TUNE come from his rhythms. tune after tune, version after version, all on Gregory Isaacs rhythms. no sound COULD EVER clash or play with out playing a Gregory rhythm. it is impossible.

he was known throughout the world as the ‘Kool Ruler’. which is exactly what he is. a man who inspired people  in every country in the world. big in the UK, big in JA, big in USA, big in JAPAN, big in AFRICA, BIG ALL OVER. reggae  icon. Dancehall, lovers, upbeat, modern, he made dubplate for every style. I remember hearing his songs for the 1st time in the 70’s, and i listen to them ever since.

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i bid…and long, long journey

since installing my new computer at home, i ‘ve been spending most of my time checking out all the sound clashes i’ve missed whilst being married. my favorite sounds have got to be Luv Injection, Mighty Crown and, of course, Rodegan Sound. i have loved reggae music in all its forms from i was a little kid. King Tubby, the Specials, lovers rock. i loved it all! i have even been inspired to bid on a Peavy Rackman Univerb II reverb unit on ebay. i must admit to feeling a bit upset with myself for not following my love of reggae to a more positive path when i had the chance years ago. i’ve had records, amps, speakers, the lot when i was younger, but i let myself be pulled into drink. what can i say, i was a teenager. i aint saying that i had a massive system, but i did have the means to start putting on little dance’s. watch this space….

what a long journey it is by coach from cornwall to birmingham. 7 and a half hours. even the driver was a nightmare- “passengers keep mobile phone calls to a minimum- it’s annoying. and dont use the toilet too much, cause this coach is in service for two days!” eeewww. i said “empty it then”. some of the other passengers were arguing over who sat where. at the begining of the journey the coach was silent, with maybe 10 passengers on board. the co driver then got up from his seat and approached a passenger sitting quietly and said “will you turn that walkman down- it’s annoying me”. cheek!  i didn’t even know the passenger was using a walkman ( actually it was an ipod). after all that i made sure of two things- a) i turned my ringtone up to full volume, and b) i made and recieved lots of calls (i can be a right child sometimes).

well it’s quite late now and i gotta collect me kids tomorrow from “the Wicked Liar”, so i shall make a larger post when i wake tomorrow morning….c ya!

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guess what?? go on guess?

I GOTTA PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

yeah, it’s true and guess how much i paid for it? go on guess – thats right, NADA, nowt, nunk, zero, zilch, nil, buckshe. in other words free. a friend o me dad’s who lives local has purchased a laptop. she knew i was desparate to get a pc, so offered me her desktop. i would have been mad not to accept. alright, it uses xp, but hey, i can surf and blog and me kids can use it, so i ain’t gunna be a o/s snob. i have even set me sound system upto it! hahaha. my nieghbours will end up with a phd in reggae. no more trips into town to use the library machines or paying at the internet cafe. i can surf and blog at my liesure.

now that i have a pc, i have been able to check my email, as you do, and when logging onto windows live, i see that the ‘spaces’ part is being dropped! actually they have decided to merge? it with wordpress. that’s great, but i did like ‘spaces’. i found it very simple to use. it was a great way to kept a ‘diary’. my thoughts, never to be forgotten. you can upgrade your ‘spaces’ blog to wordpress, but you lose all the lists and gadgets. and what if you already have a wordpress blog with the same name?

me kids have started their school hols. just as we seem to settle down, problems rear their ugly heads. my son is being bullied by his older half brother. this guy is 17 and should know better. i am of course caught between a rock and a hard place- if i approah him to have a ‘word’ in his shell, me ex (The Wicked Liar) will no doubt get the old bill involved. so what, you might ask. well the issue lies in that who will look after me kids if i get locked up? they would have to go into care. my parents are too old to look after them, by law (over 60), and The Wicked Liar couldn’t look after them. so i have been onto me solicitor who said she would send The Wicked Liar a letter asking her to sort it out. in light of this though i have decided that the only solution is if i go for the Friday, and every other Saturday and Sunday. i think that it best for my son, and i shall limit this action to him, if me brief thinks that it can be done that way. my daughter doesnt seem to be getting the same problems at her ‘mothers’. an example of what my son is going through would be his half brother saying that whilst he was back  home, here with me, he would smash all his toys. the poor lad had to admitted to treliske hospital last thursday night after having a croup cough attack. i have been told that stress can be a factor in setting a croup attack off.

whilst it is half term holidays, i plan on going to birmingham for a couple of days. i shall travel whilst me kids are with their ‘mother’. this means i can go out with me old pals, for once. it has been so long since i went out. i have lived in cornwall for over ten years and have only ever been out without the kids once. sad, i know. considering i used to be raving every weekend, without fail, before i got married. universe, tribal gathering, dance planet, spectrum, quest, pure-x,  i went to all them do’s. i’ll never forget going to my first proper rave back in ’89 at the hummingbird nightclub in birmingham. i have shown my collection of ‘back in the day’ flyers and ticket stubs to me kids, but they dont seem to get it! hahahaha

i have also been able to purchase a digital camera. it is second hand, so no leads, but i will buy them when in birmingham. i’ll be able to upload pictures again. yippee.

as a side note, it is now autumn here in the u.k. but you wouldn’t guess it from the great weather we having. i mean somedays it’s been t shirt weather. gggrreeeaatt. just like my life.

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my life….stealing sticks, benefit sexism and cinema!

I have got my mother and her chap at mine at the moment, helping to redecorate my hallway. with my children visiting their ‘mother’, “the Wicked Liar”, it gives me time to work on my scenery projects for Warhammer 40k and try to tie up any loose ends regarding money, etc.

so I left to go into Newquay town at around 1pm. I made sure that I pinched as many wooden coffee stirrers as possible for my latest scenery project! I felt a proper thief!

 one thing that has become an absolute nightmare is child benefit. in the uk anybody with children younger than 16 yrs of age is entitled to claim this benefit. I have tried to keep a record of my struggles with my children from day 1 of my new, single life here on WordPress. to quote Zegapain- “my life, never to be erased.”

so it started way back in July 2009- with my arrest. needless to say, I was never formally charged and I believed my marriage to be a life long commitment until I was informed that the person who had made these disgraceful lies up about me was my then wife! the police and C.P.S. decided that No Further Action on their part was necessary, but this decision wasn’t made till months later. The aftermath of her allegations was that I was homeless, with no contact at all with my children. it was devastating. up until this had all kicked off, I was the main carer for my children. it was like a bolt out of the blue, sent to destroy me.

all I could do was fight back through the British Courts. which I did and now…. I have my home and my children back. due to the decision agreed on the 9th Feb 2009, I was a single parent, with primary care of my children. this meant that I was entitled to child benefit. I duly put in my claim. I was told that a decision would be made and the process would take around 12 weeks. today I called the child benefit team again to find out what was going on, in what should have been an open and shut case. no decision has been made as yet. I said that maybe, if I had been female, this claim would have been settled long ago. i was assured that this is not the case. I am still going to get legal advise. believe it or not a Father can raise his children.

as I was walking to this internet cafe, i noticed that where an old pub had once been in Newquay, now the metal frame of a massive building is being erected. I asked one of the workmen “is this going to be the cinema?” he said “yes – 4 screen.”

how long has newquay needed a cinema……. this will save a me lot a bus fare!

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my life…… going to sutton

today me and the kids are going to sutton coldfield town center to get a birthday card for my dad, some YU- GI- OH card covers and hopefully a model tank that is the scale needed to be compatable with the warhammer40k game. i am also going to try to get some plasti- card. i shall no doubt show what happened in a blog later.

below is a picture of my dad when he was in his early twenties-

my dad is the one looking directly into the camera. below is a picture of me and my son:

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