my life… more on YouTube! :D

when I first moved to the house from the flat, i made a decision to start doing more regarding my love of music. i have plans, BIG PLANS, for my families future. so i realised that any step forward towards my goals must be worth it, however small those steps might have to be at first. unfortunately, here in the UK, there is a massive amount of red tape involved in the performance of music to the public, especially if it is other people’s material.  Gerald Celente has a great quote that is very apt “How about deregulating me?”

so my search for an alternative “first step” lead me to YouTube. i just cant fault it. one more fantastic piece of freeware that is available to everybody. i have my own channel now where i upload my own musical compositions and videos. i have completed three musical works and uploaded them so far, the latest being a track i called “Warshayka”.

i constructed it using Hydrogen and some open source samples. i did also put it through MixPad, but didn’t use that version for Youtube as although i feel it was better, there seemed to be a problem with the sound quality after saving. there isn’t a problem with MixPad, it’s something i’ve done wrong and i was in a hurry to get the track uploaded to Youtube, so i used the version straight from Hydrogen. i am in the process of doing a remix of Warshayka with MixPad and i will sort the sound quality issue when finished.

i urge anybody who may read this to check out my Youtube channel via the link on this blog. enjoy!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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